Full Spectrum exemplifies how to progress quickly on a 2 day schedule.

We conquer whatever challenges Blizzard throws at us while still having time for school, family, and work. Since the end of Cataclysm, we’ve consistently finished each tier as the #1 2-night guild in the U.S. We raid just 8 hours per week.

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The Road to 20

We are fully committed to continuing to raid as a 20-man guild in WoD. Historically, we have been very successful with recruitment: we get tons of applications, which is why historically we have been able to be very selective in who joins our team. But being prepared for WoD is more than simply getting enough skilled raiders. It’s also about integrating each person into the team so that we enter WoD with a group of players that trusts and feels comfortable with one another.

Right now we are recruiting people–of almost any spec/class–on a slow and steady basis, with the goal to be at 20-23 by about two to three months before WoD.

As we expand our roster, we are fully integrating people into our team for heroic SoO. There is no “old team” and “new recruits.” We rotate people in and out so that everyone gets used to playing with each other and gets to actively raid. To emphasize, if you join now, you’ll become part of the raiding roster right away.

Eventually, once we are closer to finishing our WoD roster, we’ll transition to 25H. We won’t overrecruit–even if we are at 23 or 24 members, we’d rather do what we can on 25H than overrecruit and have to let someone go once the expansion starts.

The people who are joining now know that this guild is a great fit for them and don’t see themselves going anywhere else for WoD.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, we’d love to have you join us as we ramp up for the next expansion.